Recovering Budget for Texas ISDs | MVBA Law

$5,679,670 recovered budget for client districts

MVBA’s Taxable Value Audits (TVAs) resulted in over $63,000 of Texas state funds for Hooks ISD.Our Taxable Value Audit (TVA) team cannot forecast whether any district will be eligible for financial relief in a given school year as it varies with changes to the school district’s property tax roll. 

That’s why mvba’s TVA team conducts a thorough review every school year, for every client district. 

“We look at the district’s property tax roll at the time it was certified to the state by the chief appraiser and compare it to the value of the tax roll after the chief appraiser updates the corrections to the tax role,” says Phil Green, Director of the TVA team.

“What often happens is that a handful of homestead values may change, various exemptions may be applied, properties may be added or deleted from the appraisal district rolls, and other granular changes, which would affect the school district’s taxable liability. Either up or down.” 

If the process shows the district’s taxable value is higher than when it was certified, then an audit will not be submitted. 

But if the process shows a lower value than originally certified, the superintendent has to request an audit from the Texas State Comptroller’s Office. The Comptroller’s Office compare their findings against the district’s and agree or disagree with the new assessment. When the comptroller agrees with the new number, they pass that along to the Texas Education Agency, which will send a refund.

If the process of a taxable value review shows a lower value, but the district never requests a formal Taxable Value Audit from the State, the district will not realize a budget gain. 

Going Further to help Texas school districts get the funding they deserve

“Since no agency at the state level is set up to conduct this “parity” process, and it’s pretty in-the-weeds stuff for most smaller school districts, but it can result in much-needed extra funds for our school communities, mvba is pleased to do this as part of our ongoing client service,” says Bryant Smith, Executive Director. 

“Other firms charge anywhere from a 1-10% contingency fee on dollars returned from TEA. mvba does all of this free of charge for our clients. Client districts benefit from our insight, expertise, and experience. At this point, we have these audits down to a well-oiled process. When we advise superintendents to pursue an audit with the Comptroller, we’re there beside them every step of the way, preparing the necessary paperwork and filings.”