Collecting on Delinquent Mineral-Producing Properties | MVBA



Mineral collections unearth extra revenue for our clients.

Aggressive, creative, fair, courteous, accurate & efficient. That’s how we work producing mineral interests.

Sure, oil and gas operations can be hard on roads and other infrastructure. Nonetheless, they bring in significant tax revenue. Don’t leave any of these funds behind with a delinquent collections firm that doesn’t work mineral accounts.

With decades of experience in the Texas oil and gas industry, we know the plays and players.

We are connected with the major operators and gatherers statewide. We check in regularly with them, in addition to the records of the Texas Railroad Commission, as part of our upfront and exhaustive title research. Before we pursue payment, we verify that a given taxpayer is still on the division orders for the working interest, overriding royalty interest or royalty interest. Then we mail notices of delinquent taxes to these parties. If payment is not received, we obtain a tax warrant from the District Court. It orders the purchaser of the production from the mineral interest to pay the delinquent taxes from the proceeds from the sale of the production that would otherwise be paid to the property owner. As a last resort, we can seek resolution through tax seizures and sales.