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Truth in Taxation


Connie Rose, the expert on truth-in-taxation & tax rate adoption matters

Connie wrote our guidebook and travels regularly to teach our clientele about these complex requirements. Connie is available to help you understand and work through each requirement, as applicable to your situation.

Texas truth-in-taxation regulations were put in place to protect the taxpayer.

The truth-in-taxation concept is embodied in the Texas Constitution and the Tax Code. It requires local taxing units to make sure their taxpayers are aware of new tax rate proposals. What’s more, taxing units are required to give their taxpayers an opportunity to limit certain increases.

Truth-in-taxation rules are complex but doable.

Because everything’s bigger in Texas. And because there are five types of taxing units and each one has specific definitions and constituents, the number and types of requirements can be overwhelming. For a long time, the Office of the Texas Comptroller offered guidance to taxing units as they figured it all out. The Comptroller stopped offering this help, so we stepped in.

MVBA’s Truth-in-Taxation Guidebook is a handy reference for all things Texas taxing units as they calculate and publish effective and rollback tax rates every year.

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